neděle 30. listopadu 2008

V.A. - Ska-Jazz de Luxe vol.1 (2008)

01. Tin Tin Deo - Yeska (taken from album "The Cover Up" ©1999) 02. Bop Train - The Orobians (taken from album "Jamaica Italia Connection" ©2003)03. The Pink Panther - Ska-J (taken from album "Venice Goes Ska" ©2003)04. Born Blue - Jazzbo (taken from album "Born Blue" ©2006)05. Barbados - Eastern Standard Time (taken from album "Second Hand" ©1998)06. Stay Tuned - General Rudie (taken from album "Cooling The Mark" ©2002)07. Summertime (Live) - Jim Murple Memorial with vocal(taken from album "Rhythm & Blues Jamaïcan" ©2005)08. Starsky - The Articles (taken from album "Flip F'real" ©1997)09. Skaramanga - Ska-D-Lite (taken from album "Presenting The Unapprochable" ©2003)10. Introducerar- Golden Nightwolf Woman - Eskalator (taken from album "Deluxe" ©2007)11. Riki Mong - Proyecto Secreto (taken from album "Bruce Lee Is Back" ©2003)12. Rico's Mood - Tsyuoshi Kawakami & His Moodmakers (taken from V/A "Japa Rico: Rico Rodriguez Meet Japa" ©2006)13. Shotgun Wedding - The Scorchers (taken from album "Stuntin'" ©2006)14. Novosibirsk at night (Live) - St-Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review (taken from album "Live at Red Club" ©2007)15. Jazz Ska - The Skatalites (taken from album "Kingston 11" ©1963)