středa 19. prosince 2007

Eastern Standard Time (USA)



Eastern Standard Time - Time is tight (2001)

1. Sei Pazzo 2. That Girl 3. Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps 4. Enternal Circle5. Dahil Sa Iyo6. Jetlag 7. Poor Joe 8. El Guapo 9. Sit Down Servant 10. Betrayal in the Garden 11. Three Steps Away 12. Some Day Some Way 13. Why Did you Leave?

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João Paulo řekl(a)...

Hello there!
Peter here.

This one is a great album.. loved it! In fact, this is a awsome band!

I'm still gathering some great brazilian ska songs to show you... not all are as traditional ska, or as ska-jazz, because brazilian bands are also influenced by local rythms... so it would sound like something very close to skacore or ska-jazz, but it would still sound like ska!!

Well, you'll see. ;)


João Paulo řekl(a)...

By the way, Merry Christmas!! (If you're a catholic ^^')