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La Goutte au Nez (FR)





La Goutte au Nez - Ouverture facile (2004)

1. La Goutte au Nez - Hongroise les doigts (2:19) 2. La Goutte au Nez - Ouverture facile Г la con (2:23) 3. La Goutte au Nez - Magik box (3:21) 4. La Goutte au Nez - Tabatha Cash nocturne (4:15) 5. La Goutte au Nez - Ma premiГЁre ligne (part 1) (0:25) 6. La Goutte au Nez - GaN POWER (5:07) 7. La Goutte au Nez - Mulata (5:02) 8. La Goutte au Nez - Chicango (3:58) 9. La Goutte au Nez - Ma premiГЁre ligne (part 2) (0:56) 10. La Goutte au Nez - Anarchie au Temps Des Rois (4:09) 11. La Goutte au Nez - Police District (4:55) 12. La Goutte au Nez - Salsa Malikum (6:03) 13. La Goutte au Nez - Ma premiГЁre ligne (part 3) (0:16) 14. La Goutte au Nez - Paso Dub (12:45)


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João Paulo řekl(a)...

Oh, I liked your blog so much!
I'm urging to download all of these songs.
Please, keep posting!

Lála řekl(a)...

to João Paulo:

Hallo.Glad as though blog like and glad as though make o.s.heard people like the ones and will value mine work.In postings I'll certainly go on even if find new band and largely her is albums is more difficult and more difficult.
Thanks your comment...

João Paulo řekl(a)...

Lála, thanks for replying.
If I can, I'll help you with the local bands from Brazil, and there are lots of them around here.
Keep up the good work! o/
Well, I'll be here as long as I can..

By the way, this is not my Google Account... "João Paulo" is my brother's name... You may call me Peter.

Cheers, mate!

Lála řekl(a)...

Hello Peter :-)

From Brazilian bands playing SKA-Jazz I know a only Ramos e a Massa.If have album I don't know but if be in a position so after their music Look, or if be in a position else Brazilian bands I'll very counsels because you in evrope get never go be without someone.From Brazilian SKA music I know a yet Skamoondongos from which Shall I some album.

Here have you got myspace link on Ramos e and Massa.It what have on myspace plaies very well...


Cheers, buddy...